About Esker Lawn Cemetery

A beautiful parkland final resting place

The parkland surroundings of Esker Lawn Cemetery is a beautiful final resting place. From the moment you call our cemetery team, you will receive superior service and compassionate care.

We realise when someone passes, it is a sensitive and emotionally challenging experience for many, we are committed to providing complete care and attention during the time of need, assisting your family throughout the process.

Providing dignified, peaceful, and elegant burial spaces

Esker Lawn Cemetery is dedicated to providing dignified, peaceful, and elegant burial spaces for generations to come.

Ponds, streams and natural woodlands

Great attention to detail was given to integrate the cemetery into the natural surroundings, Esker Lawn Cemetery is built on the principle that nature soothes the bereaved and inspires the living.


In order to achieve consistency, we offer a choice of Granite headstones for the Traditional burial plots.

Our Ash / Cremation burial spaces use a Beige Limestone headstone in a variety of designs.

Only headstones that strictly conform to these designs and colour are permitted.

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